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Darrel Campbell, shares rare audio recordings, personal letters and notes from NBA superstar Pistol Pete Maravich in this one-of-a-kind book, Hero & Friend, My Days With Pistol Pete Maravich. 

Hero & Friend: My Days with Pistol Pete Maravich

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  • Thirty years have passed since Pete Maravich’s sudden death. The writer who co-authored Pete’s only personal biography, HEIR TO A DREAM, has transposed rare tape recordings, compiled personal notes, and copied private letters he received from Hall of Fame basketball player, Pistol Pete and his father, Coach Press Maravich to create a one-of-a-kind inspirational book for all ages.


    Darrel Campbell, the Gold Medallion award-winning author of Pete Maravich’s autobiography, Heir to a Dream shares never-before-told stories that Pete and Press Maravich revealed just before their shocking deaths.

    Read in their words how it was it was Coach Maravich’s dream to mold his namesake into the greatest basketball player the world had ever seen, and read in Pistol Pete’s words as he explains how it was his dream to make his father proud by becoming the first million dollar athlete, becoming a professional player, and becoming a world champion.

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