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Beginning, Middle & Now

Screenwriter - Producer - Author - Director - Actor
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Darrel Campbell began his entertainment career attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and then working as a professional TV and film actor in New York City.  Darrel launched his book writing and screenwriting career in Los Angeles working for NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES. He developed literary, film and video products for Pistol Pete Enterprises which included authoring the best-selling sports biography, HEIR TO A DREAM; a “Gold Medallion” book award winner for excellence. He also produced and wrote MARAVICH MEMORIES, a documentary on Pistol Pete’s record-breaking and historic LSU years. He produced the successful four-DVD instructional series; HOMEWORK BASKETBALL with Pete Maravich; distributed by ESPN home video. 

After writing and producing the hit family film, THE PISTOL: Birth of a Legend, starring NICK BENEDICT,  Darrel was hired by WIND DANCER  &  WALT DISNEY TELEVISION to help develop new television products including NBC’s CAROL AND COMPANY starring CAROL BURNETT, JEREMY PIVEN, RICHARD KIND, ANITA BARONE, TERRY KISER and PETER KRAUSE.  Darrel wrote the premiere episode for the show.  Darrel’s shows included working with stars like BURT REYNOLDS, BETTY WHITE, HOWIE MANDEL, SWOOZIE KURTZ, CHRISTOPHER REEVE, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, and BURNADETTE PETERS.


After two years working as an executive story editor for WIND DANCER and TV producing icon, Matt Williams, Darrel worked as comedy writer for Walt Disney and ABC’s HOME IMPROVEMENT, starring TIM ALLEN.


Darrel signed a creative deal with Disney and wrote a feature film for TOUCHSTONE as well as a comedy pilot called CHILDHOOD for WALT DISNEY TV.  He was hired by WALT DISNEY ANIMATION to write the TV spin-off of THE LION KING.   Darrel wrote the premiere episode of The LION KING’S TIMON AND PUMBAA, starring NATHAN LANE, which aired on CBS and later on ABC.  Darrel’s animation writing also includes the latest TOM AND JERRY show for CARTOON NETWORK and WARNER ANIMATION.

Darrel has enjoyed a long freelance writing, directing and producing career which includes an adaptation of Kate Wiggin’s classic book, THE BIRD’S CHRISTMAS CAROL; co-written by Emmy winner, Susan Rohrer.   Darrel also wrote and produced the family film, REDEMPTION OF THE GHOST, starring JOHN SAVAGE, RACHEL HUNTER, DIANE LADD AND ALEXANDRA PAUL. 


He directed and wrote the screenplay for the feature film, LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE, starring JENNIFER O’NEIL, JENNA BOYD, FRED WILLIAMSON and MARSHALL TEAGUE.  Darrel also wrote the novelization of the film.  Darrel created PERCUSSION FILMS to develop and produce an extensive slate of films and television programs.  Darrel’s show business experience includes songwriting, music producing, screenwriting, video and film producing, sketch comedy, entertainment consulting as well as acting and directing for film, television, video and the theater. 

Percussion films produced the American history documentary, BRINGING BACK THE BLACK ROBED REGIMENT, based on the book by the same title.  The full-length feature documentary exposes the influence early American clergy had on the American Revolution.  The docudrama features the hosting talents of author, Dan Fisher as well as the acting talents of Rusty Joiner.  The film is directed by Darrel Campbell and the musical score is composed and produced by Darrel’s friend, multi-Grammy winner, Michael Omartian.

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