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Percussion Films is a production company uniquely positioned to create, develop and produce motion pictures and television shows that entertain and move audiences emotionally. We consider Percussion Films to be a creative home of some of the best and brightest filmmakers from around the globe who believe in our vision of high quality, fiscally responsible and commercially successful films. Supporting and inspiring our collective talent is what makes great stories come alive for audiences around the world. Our movies and television efforts are developed by proven, imaginative professionals in the film and television industry.​


Percussion Films is the brainchild of filmmaker, Darrel Campbell, whose years in the entertainment industry has afforded him the opportunity to associate and work with most major TV and film studios in Hollywood including, Walt Disney Television, Walt Disney Films, Walt Disney Animation, Wind Dancer Films, Paramount Television, Warner Brothers Animation, Sony Pictures, Columbia, Tri-Star, ESPN, ABC, ABC FAMILY, CBN, NBC, CBS, NorthStar, Rocky Mountain Pictures, Win International, Rich International, Word/Warner and Corday Productions.


Rusty Joiner is a respected actor/producer in Hollywood whose long list of credits in film and television has earned him the respect of his colleagues in the business. In the last year, Rusty worked on major motion pictures with Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Kristin Bell and Selena Gomez. Rusty has also moved to the other side of the camera to produce his first romantic comedy, securing talent and managing above the line costs as well as keeping day-to-day scheduling on pace and on budget. He has joined his friend, Darrel Campbell, in order to bring his talents and creative connections to Percussion Films. 


Charles Graham has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years which includes work in the U.S., Scotland, England, Kenya and Burundi. Graham has produced and performed in studios in Atlanta and Nashville working with some of the top producers and arrangers in the industry. Charles has supported and worked with a Burundi orphanage for nearly 20 years, helping several orphans attain college degrees in the United States. A college friend of Campbell, Charles has worked as an actor and voice talent and singer with Campbell and Percussion Films.


Rodney Stone is a multi-talented actor, singer, recording artist and motion picture producer best known for pioneering a new market for G-rated feature films. In 1991, The Hollywood Reporter recognized “The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend” as the most innovative way to release a major motion picture when Rodney Stone attached corporate sponsor Chick-fil-a to the film. Hallmark Cards, Inc. hired Stone as a consultant in 1987 where he advised the fortune 500 company to create the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies.

Stone has produced numerous film and video projects with Campbell including “The Pistol” and “Last Ounce of Courage.” Stone's latest film entitled "Senior Moments" stars William Shatner, Jean Smart, & Christopher Lloyd.

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